Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hi, Hello.

Hi I'm Winnie. I'm significantly better at writing stuff down than actually saying stuff to people.

So I decided to write stuff here so I can tell people other than my mum, my best friend, and my boyfriend about my day and stuff I like.

Since it's the first post I feel inclined to make a convincing sales pitch to get people to read my blog and during my brief stint at selling toilets I learned that people either like stuff that's really cheap, or if they have a bigger budget, stuff that's nice to look at. Or you know, stuff that fits into their bathroom (no, not all toilets are made equal). They also especially like it when you can offer a free gift. Since my blog is offered for your viewing pleasure at the very low price of $0 (with tax) or RM0 (with GST), there is no reason for you not to. Everything is expensive now, I'm providing free entertainment! That's like, free gifts for everyone. And if you're still not convinced, here are some facts and numbers to convince you of how amusing of a person (I think) I am and why you should read my blog.

Some statistics:
1. Number of blogs started: Probably like... 10
2. Number of blogs actually active: 1
3. Number of episodes of Archer I could have watched instead of blogging: 3
4. Number of toilets I actually sold in 3 months: >25
5. My GPA this semester: 2.00
6. Percentage of parents' disappointment in me: 80%
7. Most slices of pizza eaten in one sitting: 8
8. Percentage of self loathing after said pizza consumption: 100%
9. Random exclamations of frustration made per hour when studying for finals: Average 10 per hour
10. Times I have found bae's body hair on my stuff today: 7
11. Percentage of me choosing food over people: 80%

And so on and so forth. tl;dr amirite.

Anyway, I'm really just trying to get back into writing stuff regularly again and I figured if I thought people were reading the things I posted it would help me write better and be less hesitant with showing people my writing. So... yeah, if you stayed with me this far thank you and I hope you stay for a while.

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